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Soilzone Solutes is an independent agricultural consultancy company specializing in crop nutrition and irrigation advice using advanced nutrient and water monitoring techniques.  Our systems are used in diverse land-based industries including horticulture, dairy and environmental projects.  The results of the monitoring are used to guide fertilizer recommendations and irrigation scheduling in the respective agricultural industries while in environmental projects the data is used to profile nutrient movement through the soil.

We offer our clients an intensive service consisting of continuous data-logging soil moisture measurement, soil solution extraction and on site visits to discuss and interpret results with respect to the condition of the crop and /or readings.  Our services also include: 


general agronomic consultancy such as soil, tissue and water analysis and interpretation


nutrition programs and scheduling


advice on integrated growing systems


project design, feasibility and set up


systems analysis



We believe that the system we have developed, the Soilzone Technique (SZT), together with correct interpretation given within the context of the individual site, provides a useful tool with which industries, grower organizations and farmers can base decisions, improve water and nutrient use efficiencies and ultimately increase profits.


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Last modified: 01/02/08