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Technical Information


bullet Avocado mineral nutrition - the water nutrients relationship
bullet Deficiency symptoms in avocados
bullet Effects of Gypsum Soil Amendments on Avocado Growth, Soil Drainage, and resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi
bullet Nitrogen cycling in avocado
bullet On the mechanism of chloride toxicity
bullet Avocado water relations
bullet Salinity and water management in avocados
bullet Ecophysiology of the avocado (Persea americana Mill)
bullet Pheno-physiological modelling in avocado
bullet Avocado fruit growth
bullet Carbohydrate and phenological cycling as management tools
bullet Inflorescence and flower development in the Hass avocado
bullet Inflorescence development of the Hass avocado
bullet Review of vegetative and reproductive growth interactions in avocado
bullet Requirements for Improved Fruiting Efficiency in the Avocado Tree
bullet 14C-Photosynthate Partitioning in Avocado Trees
bullet Environmental regulation of photosynthesis in avocado trees
bullet Hass avocado carbohydrate fluctuations 1
bullet Hass avocado carbohydrate fluctuations 2
bulletProduction Systems
bullet Results with spacing, tree training and orchard maintenance in young avocado orchards
bullet Avocado Sample Establishment and Production Costs (California)
bullet Integrated avocado canopy management systems
bulletScion and rootstock varieties
bullet Avocado Rootstocks
bulletDisease management
bullet Management of postharvest diseases of sub-tropical and tropical fruit using their natural resistance
bullet Chemjet Brochure
bullet Differential Wound Response Paper - Southern Avocado
bullet Evaluation of Phytophthora control in avocados
bullet Future management strategies in disease control
bullet Phytophthora control
bullet Phytophthora control 2
bullet Timing of phosphonate injections for P. c. root rot control
bullet Carrot nutrition and irrigation
bullet Carrot production in California
bullet Carrot production in Minnesota
bullet Pre and Post harvest development of carrot yield and quality
bullet Improving Imperial mandarin fruit quality and marketability
bullet Citrus Notes
bullet 40T/ha Yield Orange Crop Removal Charts
bullet Fertigation nutrient sources and applications for citrus
bullet Macronutrient deficiencies in Citrus - N, P and K
bullet Orange Crop Mineral Nutrient Accumulation and Removal Charts
bullet Orange Crop Nutrient Removal Summary
bullet Plant nutrients in Citrus
bullet Fruit size management guide Part 1
bullet Gibberellic Acid notes
bullet Plant growth regulators
bulletScion and rootstock varieties
bullet Imperial Mandarin
bullet Lane Late
bullet Poncirus trifoliata
bulletDeciduous fruit
bullet Dry season information
bullet Environmental stress management
bullet Irrigation management of apples by continuous measurements of fruit growth
bullet Apple Mineral Nutrition
bullet Calcium in apples
bullet Effect of pre-harvest factors and bruising in stone fruit decay
bullet Fertigation guidelines for high density apples
bullet Fertilisers and fruit size
bullet Fertilization Programs for Apple Orchards
bullet Fertilizing stone fruit
bullet IFA Deciduous fruit file
bullet Leaf analysis guidelines
bullet Leaf analysis norms for deciduous fruit
bullet Mineral deficiencies
bullet Mineral Nutrition & Fertilizers
bullet Orchard Nutrition and Soil Management
bullet Recommended leaf nitrogen levels for apple cultivars by bearing habit
bullet The effect of nutrient deficiencies on stone fruit production and quality
bullet What happens to trees after harvest
bulletPests and diseases
bullet 2006 Commercial tree fruit spray guide
bullet Orchard spray guide
bullet Flower initiation and development
bullet Fruit Growth and Development
bullet New York phenology
bulletPhysiological disorders
bullet Sunburn in Apples
bullet Physiology of Pruning Fruit Trees
bullet Stop drop
bulletPost harvest
bullet Pome and stone fruit storage and disorder control
bulletProduction systems
bullet Apple growing
bullet Sustainability of three apple production systems
bulletScion and rootstock varieties
bullet Apple rootstocks
bullet Apple varieties
bullet Apple Variety Chart
bullet Cut flower production in Asia
bullet A study of olive water requirements from planting to first harvest
bullet Effect of irrigation on fruit quality of table olives
bullet Irrigation of Olives - Netafim
bullet Olive water use and yield - monitoring the relationship
bullet Olives - crop water management (FAO)
bullet Fertigation in olive groves
bullet Leaf nutrient spatial variability and site-specific fertilization maps within olive orchards
bullet Olive IFA
bullet Relationship between soil fertility and phosphorous and potassium olive plant nutrition
bullet Olive culture booklet in English
bullet Olive oil
bullet Sample costs to establish a super-high density olive orchard and produce olive oil
bullet Sample costs to establish and produce table olives
bullet Basics of salinity and sodicity effects
bullet Classification of irrigation water
bullet Comparative physiology of salt and water stress




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Cut flower production in Asia










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