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Soilzone Solutes have teamed up Yandilla Park Agribusiness to distribute and service Sentek water monitoring systems in Western Australia.

Sentek’s soil moisture sensor is renowned worldwide as one of the most precise and reliable capacitance based soil moisture sensors available.  It is used in research projects around the world by organizations as diverse as Grower Groups, CSIRO, local Departments of Agriculture and NASA.  Sentek has the only capacitance soil moisture sensor to be independently tested and approved because of its accuracy and its sphere of influence.  The results have been published in Australia and overseas.

Soilzone Solutes will provide installation and technical backup for all Sentek systems in Western Australia and have the advantage of accessing Yandilla Park's 15 year distribution and service association with Sentek.  This experience and backup places Soilzone Solutes at the forefront of soil moisture monitoring in Western Australia and allows us access to telemetry options that were previously unavailable with the WinProbe capacitance system.

Interested industries should contact Dudley Mitchell for more information.

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Last modified: 01/02/08